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Al-Suki is a reputable architectural consultant, engineering and consultants firm founded by Eng. Waddah Al-Suki, based in the capital city Amman in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. This firm is prominently featured in some of the nations’ most prestigious buildings.
Through the finest craftsmanship and creative vision, Al-Suki Architects continues to forge the bond between people and architecture. Our detailed architectural designs provoke the public to visually and textually participate in the build environment.
For over 40 years governments, institutions, private residences and commercial developers have trusted our firm to build their dreams with our designs. Our architectural elements are meticulously designed and crafted from start to finish. Waddah Al-Suki is proud to employ sustainable methods and locally sourced materials with high recycle content to produce the highest quality and environmentally friendly to ensure a lifetime of sustainability.
Professional customer service adds the final element to Al-Suki Architects’ continuous success. The owner and core staff remain the same, continuously building a bond of trust and dependability in the industry since 1977.


Al Suki’s team has a drive that stems from the belief in hard work, reliability and loyalty. Though it has been 40 years worth of experience the importance of injecting new fresh talent is certainly essential and is surely present.
We utilize a team of highly qualified creative architects, engineers and interior designers as well as landscape designers to produce exceptional masterpieces that are spread all around the world.


We believe in hard work, reliability and talent. We express ourselves with drawings more than words. We design every project with dedication, enthusiasm and vision.
We showcase our work and help people expand their imagination. We share knowledge and the know-how with our clients in order for them to express their vision clearly.
For a successful project, our aim is for our clients’ satisfaction financially and visually with comfort in the structure designed.


We approach a project with efficiency and aesthetics in mind. Listening carefully to a client enables us to translate their vision into what they desire. Our architects and engineers make sure that what is on paper is correctly interpreted on the ground.
By using different tools and softwares we have the ability to present complete projects from the schematic phase to an actual 3-dimensional formation. Our designers always go that extra mile to inspire the client in order to fulfill their reverie. 


We provide our clients with a full service of advice and consultation in regards to construction and maintenance. We make sure that they receive the highest quality with the least possible cost from contractors. We carefully use our connections in the industry to satisfy our clients. We have history working with long/short spans and post tensioning technique. Emphasis on safety factors is placed throughout a projects life span.


Electrical and mechanical works are tackled from early stages of designing. Our objective is to provide a client-friendly blue print fulfilling all the needs of the different parties working on an individual project. We take into account the needs for security, electrical supplies, air conditioning, mechanical, public access systems, fire alarm systems, firefighting, telephone networks, heating and other necessities.


It is important for a project to be homogeneous with its surroundings. We approach a plot of land by studying different factors carefully. These factors include orientation of the land, sun, wind, exposure, direction, street access and outdoor views. Our aim becomes to establish a personality for the building by blending the right materials,plants and landscape layouts and visually connecting them to the inside. Efficiency and green design will not only enhance the plot of land, it will also build a reliable structure for the future. Through careful studying and designing, we aim to provide an intriguing experience just by taking a step outside.


Attention to detail and sheer comfort is the basic equation to a successful interior space. We have a clear vision of creating this atmosphere and linking it to its surrounding. The space is designed with immense thoughtfulness creating layouts fitting to each demand. Interior spaces are dealt with expression and connection to the architecture that holds it. Each detail is planned to fit the style represented in each space.

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